Asia charm Test 2019 – How charming Asian women

Asia charm in the Test of September 2019.

Targeted search for Asian women is the focus of Quick-and-easy registration, free free credits to Test Large Fanbase in Facebook and women can men are looking for Quick contacts in the Chat a Few payment options for Credits of English are required.

Registration Process: 5,0 /5 Contact: 3,0 /5 Profile Information: 4,0 /5 App: Practice Test: 3,5 /5.

Our Test Report. is a Portal in the men specifically for Asian women, can search. Of course, the search also works the other way, statistically more men take up the offer. Everything is here designed for love, flings and short term love Affairs are in the focus. Many of the Asian women are looking for a European Partner for a wedding or a long-term family planning. It is exciting to see that here across the continents partnerships can be linked. Many of the female members are very attractive and know how to impress men .

Anyone who is registered here?

Proportion of women are quite high-More than 50,000 members per month active women in each age group, the majority of female members represented comes from China Daily, new applications.

At Asia charm the men holds women to a ratio of the scale. However, there are statistically more men who are looking for an Asian woman, than Vice versa. Asian women, European guy, there are search more frequently. The majority of the notified, Asian women comes from the people’s Republic of China, but are quite willing to travel. Many of the women are even willing to relocate to Europe, when you get to know your great love .

Age is a very wide range here. There are Users from 18 up to a high age of 70 years. The focus, however, lies between 25 and 40 years.

Every day new Asian women at Asia charm to register – the page is now on the upswing. Established in the year 2017, there are more and more members seeking love beyond the borders of the continent. The odds are good, not least because per month, approximately 50,000 users are active, and according to your great love.

The registration process.

Registration in a few minutes E done-Mail must be confirmed Via Facebook, the Portal can be liked on Facebook Not logging in via Facebook and Google possible the confirmation email comes immediately.

At Asia charm you have registered within a few minutes. Everything that you specify your search (woman looking for husband, man looking for a woman), your name and your E-Mail address is a must. Then you confirm everything with a self-selected password. You will receive immediately after submitting your registration, an E-Mail and need to confirm your registration. Once you have completed this step, you can start at Asia charm .

A personality test, there is not at Asia charm, your personal information, you put in your profile. There, you can make information to your life style, your personal circumstances and your desire partner. You can also upload photos, which will also be released immediately in your profile. In order to verify you, you need to upload a photo of your ID. It will take about three days until you will be notified whether the verification was accepted .

At the beginning of you 20 get free credits so that you can look at the page in peace. To get this you have to however, your E-Mail address is confirmed .

With Facebook or Google, you can’t register, unfortunately, although there are of Asia charm even a matching Facebook page. There you can leave a Like and learn about Social Media, everything relevant to what’s happening in Asia charm. We must honestly say that the reviews on Facebook have not been particularly positive. Often it is criticised that many of the sent E-Mails are not meant to be serious .


Contact not possible free of charge from bouquets favorites list, Give away attention for free manageable, and directly chat with many online contacts news come shortly after the registration.

The contact with Asia charm is mainly based on the exchange of messages. This will get you quite quickly after registration. Asia charm Test 2019 - How charming Asian women This will get
That was one of the points, the us has voted a little suspicious. The strong demand for a man with no profile picture has us puzzled. We cannot finally exclude the possibility that there are also at Asia charm some of the moderated Profiles to increase the buying willingness of the men in terms of Credits. In the terms we have been able to do this, however, no evidence to find .

Basically, you have when you visit a profile, various ways. The message is the classic way of contact and also answer almost always.

Asia charm Test 2019 - How charming Asian women transmit your

If the Person is online, you can chat directly to each other. You also have the opportunity to send a free Wink or add to your favorites list .

A special option is the contact the date the request is. In this case, a price of 625 Credits is due for the Asia-charm transmit your request to the woman. This has then respond to 72 hours of the time, the answer you will receive from Asia charm. It should be noted that this function should be used in the best case, only if your is To already agree .

Similarly, there is the function of the private contact details of the query. Here, too, you can send a pay request to your Opposite, which is answered by Asia charm. You will then receive the phone number and E-mail address of the requested woman, when this is ready. The cost for these two requests are quite high.

Profile information.

Women store a lot of photos and Very detailed texts exist Many verified Profiles will be displayed As well as no profile pictures online status .

The women know at Asia charm that pictures often say more than 1000 words. Therefore, the ladies almost all more than a profile picture. So you have a better sense of who the woman is compared to actually. Very many of the Profiles are verified, what do you see the green Symbol on the main page of the profile. In our Test, we found no profiles without at least a picture .

The texts of the Profiles are often very extensive, it is indicated by the fact that many women are looking for a Partner for life. Asia charm is less sexually-oriented, but much more on love designed. The main language is English, Asian language we have found to be rare. German Profiles, it was not, however. You should use of Asia charm, therefore, of the English language, otherwise there are communication problems.

The beauty is that you the online status of the visited profile directly. You’re in the search and even the ability to search specifically for women with the online status. If a woman is not online anymore, you see when she was last active. It is positive to mention that here around the clock members are online .

On the basis of small overlays, you will also be notified immediately, if the profiles of your search results is something interesting to happen. You will receive information on whether a woman has uploaded a new image, if someone sent you a message or who have just visited your profile. Therefore stay up to date and have the full Overview of who is doing what .

Asia charm does not have its own App, but can on the mobile Browser.

Practice test.

Asia charm is a Portal for all the men and women who are longing for a Partner from the far East. On the other hand, Asian women, log, looking for a European Partner. After a quick registration and profiling, you’re right in the middle of the action. Thanks to the free credits to start you quickly the possibility of the most important functions to get to know and the first to exchange messages. The women are active, well-filled out profile is visited. But even when we had registered, no profile photo, or any information, we got the news. Caution is necessary here, it could be moderated Profiles behind it. We recommend that you go automatically to the search and women to write. Asia charm Test 2019 - How charming Asian women recommended, because the
Too sympathetic and offensive first messages, we, according to our experience, would ignore.

Asia charm offers the possibility to verify your profile in order to increase the chances of contacts. This step is recommended, because the women gain more confidence, if a man is verified. In addition, you have the opportunity to make a date request or a contact request. The Test showed that most of the women have a verified profile .

Overall, we can say that in Asia the charm of a lot of variety is offered.

Asia charm Test 2019 - How charming Asian women Then you confirm everything with

The quite attractive woman profiles, invite you to linger and the charm that is placed during a entertainment of the day, is extremely personable. The level is General high, the conversations are open, sympathetic and friendly. Without English it is not the issue here. Many women speak only fragmented English, what communication is, of course, a little difficult.

Design, Functionality, Usability.

The Design appealed to us, in General, quite good, also the load times of individual pages were appropriate. Problematic use with Google Chrome, however, was here, there was always again problems. Individual sub-pages would not open in Google Chrome, use another browser, then, was required. In terms of orientation, there was for us no difficulties, the features were all very well-found.

Difficult the Translation, which, unfortunately, is not offered designed, however. We would have wished that at least the important points, such as terms and conditions and FAQ would be translated into the respective language of the country. Therefore, it is, as already mentioned, important for basic English skills for the use of Asian charm to bring.

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