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A wonderful opportunity to get to Know
Wide range, optional program
Satisfaction guarantee – on a few trips
Single trips are in Vogue. They allow single travellers great holiday, without having to socializing without. In the ideal case, Exploring more exciting destinations will be supplemented by one or the other flirt. A pioneering role in the sectors of the single travel portals Adamare. The company of the self-proclaimed “full-blood-Touristikers” Steffen Butzko is a member of the German travel Association, and since 2008 to a sense of exclusivity. For this purpose, the Director is making by hand
Assessment of the Hotels and innovative program points to a significant contribution. The Name of the company (Latin for “love”) refers to a significant aspect of the company philosophy: It’s about to fall in love! Whether this feeling for a fellow traveler, the beauty of the destination or the local way to life, is first of all secondary. For this reason, the organizers focused by a number of companies in a communicative interaction, annoying Dome games, however, are left out.
+ large range of travel + customer orientation and criticism of management – part unbalanced gender ratio – high demands are not always satisfied – not all the activities included in the price
According to the organiser, about 60% of the passengers are women. A gender balance will be sought, but cannot be realized always. The size of the group is strongly of the chosen destination depending on the destination, but on average 20 people. Although a lower participants in long-distance travel often, number, holiday makers can be sure to always travel in a two-digit group real Singles. To encourage potential holiday flirts and groups with similar interests to put together trips for Singles between 25 and 40, 35 and 55, and 55+. The demand is in the approximately 40-Year-old the highest. Caution is advised for women aged 55 and over who would like to get to know a new man: In this age group, female solo travelers are clearly in the majority. A large proportion of the single-trip-feel-good-factor of the selected accommodation. Adamare relies on quality: the tourists in 4 – or 5-star Hotels are Bay. More important than the classification of the provider is considered a professional, to the satisfaction of the customer-oriented leadership. To the well-being of demanding guests and a single room. This can be booked for about 25EUR per night.
With Adamare single travelers can find not only German and European destinations such as the Canary Islands, the Portuguese Algarve or the adventurous Lapland. The provider has also some long-distance travel in the Repertoire. Travel fun Singles can, for example, explore Mexico, Panama, Cape Verde, or Malaysia. Exclusive cross one of the travel themes that interested customers traveling can filter rides. Other options for fine dining & cuisine, Sport & Active or Baden & culture. Also in the offer of Adamare to be found
special tours over Christmas and new year’s eve, the promise of an exciting Start to the new year. The estimated price depends on the demand and the Destination. For a week-active holiday on Menorca, the organizer estimated from 1200EUR.

in the price is included. Individual services need to be booked. Who can live without these items, however, is reached quickly, what is referred to Adamare as “sweet idleness”. In the case of Menorca, all of the optional activities offered on the part of the organiser’s cost, additional 250EUR. For vacationers who value a lot of free time, the can may be filled with one or the other Date, this is not a Problem. Anyone expecting a structured holiday program on each travel day, you should look at before booking twice.
In addition to great travel destinations, the travel line is of course the quality of a successful and worry-free holiday. A special plus point for the Adamare-Website: interested Singles can get a picture of your guides – that creates familiarity and a bit of takes the excitement. Who still needs help, can contact by Mail or telephone with the Adamare-Team. A further advantage is our Team provides the most common success arrival: Singles need to organize the way to the airport individually, then fly with the entire group in the direction of your single holiday. In the case of an annual meeting, the Get-Together, refreshed contacts, meet old friends again and make new travel plans. The high expectations of the Adamare-guests benefit from the fact that the provider has collected on four trips a satisfaction guarantee. Traveling alone, not with your vacation in Andalusia, Spain, Mauritius, Portugal, or the new year’s eve trip to Lisbon completely satisfied, can file a claim in the follow-up and a price, would be justified in their eyes. The organiser is to refund to the property in question for the price! Keyword review: The black box independent reviews on the Internet mostly report of successful travel. Nevertheless, dozens of testimonials, be anything other than positive. Particularly frequently is noted that the Hotels meet the high expectations of the guests and the composition of the group is sub-optimal. Women complained often about too small a choice of men! Positively, however, the club are camping, in-depth reactions of Adamare. The organizers discussed points of criticism are not, in principle, but promises to be its single travel to to optimize.
Adamare is the right operator for all the Singles, the place for your vacation value on exclusivity. The upscale atmosphere has its price, but promises a great atmosphere to meet like-minded people travelling alone. The annual Get-Together as the satisfaction guarantee on a few trips speak for the provider. Singles looking for a structured holiday with many program points, you should have a look at other operators.
Dear Adamare-Team, thank you for the holiday in Andalusia. We are pleased to announce that we were able to continue our great time in Germany and is now a solid Couple! The great common experiences in Spain have contributed to it certainly. However, we would like to point out that at the time of our holiday the men-women distribution is not really balanced, and the meals could be in our Hotel a little better. But otherwise a super time with a variety of experiences! Thanks especially to our tour guide, we definitely recommend it! – Britta L., 35 years old, and Horst S., 43 years

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